Monday, June 26, 2017

Solveig Leithhaug CD- Time

I hadn't heard of Solveig Leithaug until I was approached about joining a blog tour for her latest CD, Time. Once I received the album (yes, I still call them albums) I was immediately drawn to the music and her voice. I haven't  heard a voice this lovely and calming since Michelle Tumes. This is simply beautiful music. 
An added bonus for me is that Cindy Morgan has a guest appearance on this CD and is a co-writer. I've been a Cindy fan since her first album in the early 90s. Solveig also covers one of Cindy's songs, Do You Know Jesus?, on this CD.

I'm pretty sure Simple Things is my favorite cut from this work. You can listen to it here:

If you're looking for new music with an uplifting message then I suggest Time. It is calming and soothing in a world that is anything but.

Time highlights guest vocals by Anthony Skinner, Cindy Morgan, Kelly Willard and Solveig's daughter Kari Julianna. Eight of the project's eleven songs are new and were written by Solveig with award-winning songwriters such as: Reba Rambo-McGuire, Cindy Morgan, Sarah Hart, Anthony Skinner, and Kelly Willard.

Time was produced by Steve Hindalong and features some of Nashville’s finest musicians including Jeff Taylor, Stu Garrard, Matt Slocum, and others along with Solveig's signature acoustic guitars.

An interview with Solveig:

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