Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Air We Breathe by Christa Parrish

Wow. Just wow. Sometimes you read a book and think, "Yeah, I saw that coming." Not so with this one. Every time I thought I knew what was coming next I was wrong. This latest novel by Christa Parrish has just blown me away and has risen her to the likes of Lynn Austen and Ann Tatlock. This was fantastic from start to finish. It had me sobbing (that's a good thing!) in several parts and I will always remember this one as being special. This is the kind of book that I crave. They are few and far between and I will always buy a Christa Parrish novel after this one.
The story follows several hurting people as their lives intersect and then separate. It also shows how God moves and woos people into His arms gently and tenderly. It truly captured the love that the Father has for his little ones. 

From the back cover:
Seventeen year old Molly does not go outside. For so long she has run away from a moment long in the past, but she's not running anymore. She's hiding. Ruled by anxiety, she can only stare out the window of the tiny tourist-town museum she and her mother call home, longing to go outside--to maybe take a walk with the cute boy who works in the pizza place across the street.

Then the chance arrival of a woman Molly knew years ago changes everything. Back then, Claire Rodriguez was an empty shell. Only in the unique friendship she struck up with a little girl--a silent girl who would only talk to Claire-- did she see the possibility of healing. But one day the girl and her mother vanished, their house left abandoned.  
What happened that drove them away? And can Claire now help Molly the same chance at finding a new life?

This book was provided for review by Bethany House  

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